About us

What began as a thank you gift to our Custom Sportswear customers is now a growing business all on its own.  Here is our story……………

Nutty Novel Tees is a brand of Custom Sportswear, a family owned and operated school Spiritwear Company established in 1982 in Southern New Jersey.    Custom Sportswear is a full service Spiritwear apparel company that works with Elementary and Middle Schools across the USA.  As a thank you gift we would send our customers “School Spirit Nut” tee shirts.  The tees were so well received that our customers began asking us if they could buy them for other people in their schools.  Shortly thereafter people started asking us what other Nuts were available and that was when the “aha” moment hit and the Nutty Novel Tee concept was born. 

Since our unexpected beginning the Nutty lineup has expanded to include several hobbies, interests and occupations.  We are so very thankful to all of our wonderful customers who have helped bring us to where we are today!  We hope you find a Nut that suits you and we are hopeful it will put a smile on your face.